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War Is Not A Panacea

War is not a panacea. War must be the last resort, not used to gain access or control of another country’s natural resources or abuse their cheap labor or to push a stagnating, dominant culture to swallow up other evolving cultures. War should only be used to defend liberty and democracy when all else has failed, and only when it is possible to succeed. Totalitarian powers will only be angered by unsuccessful attacks and will react by escalating military action on their people. Sadistic wars only create more enemies. The fairness of your war will demonstrate the coming fairness of your peace. In this way some enemies will be won over without force.

The United States is engaged in approximately 175 conflicts around the world. Most never end or we remain to give military support to repressive regimes in order to keep them stable for the protection of corrupt, global, capitalist enterprises, who avoid paying US taxes and bribe the repressive country’s ruling class to allow a new type of colonialism. The more repressive the country’s leadership, the cheaper are their labor and resources, with less human and environmental protection, and their peoples’ already dismal living and working conditions are greatly diminished by the rapacious, unconscionable character of the global development. The shyster corporations and the US military are seen as contributors to their plight by their victims who learn to hate them. This leads to more internal conflict and sometimes civil war. Some of the disinfranchised turn to terrorism and seek vengeance on the US. The US government instead of correcting their mistakes chooses to continue to cater to the rich who keep them in power. Their ostensibly paranoid reaction to terrorism floods fear into the mainstream public and when thinking people protest, government turns police and espionage organizations increasingly militaristic and invasive to combat civil unrest.The peoples’ civil rights and privacy are violated. The people haven’t the money and resources that the US government has to counter these violations. Civil protests and disobedience, hacking, and whistleblowing are treated harshly, even violating human rights, and judicial charges are reaching and absurd interpretations of constitutional law.

Our War on Terror has become the sadistic war we once sought to eradicate. The torture and violation of the human rights of war criminals, the overkill, drone attacks and extrajudicial assassinations are the techniques of barbarians, not civil society. The neoconservative movement (and their sole superpower attitude) that took power after the 911 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, has treated war as a panacea and true diplomacy has been abandoned in favor of bribes to corrupt leaders followed by military intervention. Consequently this has led the US to become a nation of war and war technology at home and abroad. Weapons are sold to repressive regimes– militaristic, war dominant countries. On July 30, 2012 Democracy Now reported that thanks to the US government efforts, US weapons sales were up to $50 billion and should top 2011 sales by 70% by the end of 2012. Offices of the Secretary of State and Defense promote US business, not peace and democracy. War is not a panacea, and US foreign policy has become the “mother of war,”* creating war, not peace.

Militarism is out of control. Our president, our legislature, our courts and our espionage agencies are keeping it a secret, citing national security. There is no mainstream public discussion of leadership mistakes, or the war atrocities committed during US occupation and military intervention of foreign nations, or the conditions our troops face when the US government cannot commit totally to democracy, because it has spread itself so thin all over the globe pushing corrupt, crony capitalism.

From hackers and whistleblowers we learn that the accused enemy, when captured, is subjected to inhumane conditions, and sometimes tortured and interrogated to get false information the politicians and Pentagon need to justify military or police action. Anyone who exposes their war crimes including nonviolent hackers, whistleblowers and civil protesters–your friends, your children, you can be accused of being an enemy of the state and held indefinitely without habeas corpus.

Why is the mainstream press not reporting this? They have been taken over by the same corporations manipulating our government, who selectively hire easily controlled reporters who are mesmerized by power and report what they’re told to report, and perceive what they’re brainwashed to perceive. Free thinking, independent news organizations, who cover these injustices, suffer from lack of capital and constant bombardment by government to legislate them to oblivion!

Power and greed and accumulation of wealth motivate all decisions of our rich masters, sending our physical world into a negative spiral toward destruction. Diffidence, apathy, fear and insatiable consumerism afflict the people. But we the people must shake it off, We must reawaken the American spirit of peace, equality and justice for all. Our leaders like puppets, have lost control; so the people must connect in nonviolent revolution, energized with compassionate anger, to evince these puppeteers who are pulling their strings.

Then this embroglio of corruption and self-serving politicians must be disentangled from our democratic system and exposed to the world. And those who have served the people honestly and competently, must be rewarded with our loyalty. And those who have lead us through nonviolent political reform can replace the felled political crooks, hopefully now jailed.

*Bradley Manning, described the WikiCables as “the mother of war” in the Facebook transcripts that implicated him as the WikiLeaks whistleblower of the cables. (Allegedly)

Bradley Manning, political prisoner of the US, who exposed the Mother Of War, torture, war crimes and US complicity in human rights violations, testified November 29, 2012 about his treatment in US custody. Here’s a summary.

Accused of nonviolent crime, but restrained with chains and leg irons.

Arrested May 2010 taken to Kuwait held for almost 2 months in dark tent in 8′ x 8′ x 8′ cage, with a little rack bed and toilet. Awakened at 10 or 11 pm then allowed to sleep at noon to 1 pm the next day.

Then until April 2011 held at. Quantico under POI or suicide watch:
6′ x 8′ cell 23 1/2 hours per day with 1/2 hour exercise and sun. Video taped all the time, forced to stand at attention or sit up straight, no leaning 10 to 15 hours per day, coarse clothing and bedding, or no clothing or eyeglasses had to beg for toilet paper naked which was video taped. Cell lights on all day and night, no natural light.

His army psychiatrist said he did not belong on suicide watch and it was harming him, but his opinion was ignored, which was unprecedented.

Transferred to medium-security confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in April 2011.


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