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Wall Street Sucks

(The powers that be would have you believe that the economy is too complicated for the people to understand. Read Joseph Stiglitz, Nobel Laureate in economic science, William Grieder, The Nation, Matt Taibbi, Rollingstone, and Wikipedia to prove them wrong.)

He wears Armani.
His game is money.
He’s Wall Street,
But still a deadbeat.

With your money he gambles,
Leaves the economy in shambles,
He’s a money-fixing deadbeat,
And he’s addicted to Wall Street.

With naked short sales
His delivery fails,
But he doesn’t go to jail.
Security’s not for deadbeats,
And he’s legal on Wall Street.

In a castle for kings
He sells mortgage schemes.
But it’s not deadbeats,
Loose their homes due to Wall Street!

When government questions,
They’re bought with contributions
Or let in on the action;
Then political deadbeats
Legislate to protect Wall Street.

When the people protest,
They send the police to arrest
Any who block Wall Street
From big money deadbeats.

With quick, clever brains
And feeling no pain,
Overconfident deadbeats
Trade democracy for Wall Street.

Then a totalitarian regime
With dominatrix dreams
And conniving schemes,
Con these sucking deadbeats
And takeover Wall Street.

Now their militaristic rules,
Say they’re superior, we’re fools,
And we all are deadbeats
And they own Wall Street.


One comment on “Wall Street Sucks

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