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By the US newly militarized government Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning has not been treated as a human being. And ironically, what lead Chelsea to become a whistleblower and her arrest was her humanitarianism. She is now serving a 35 year sentence in military prison for exposing war crimes and abuses of the powers that be. […]

Salient Points in the Syria Debate

Instead of the USual reactionary violent, military missiles and war, US could wait for the UN findings and support prosecution by the International Criminal Court. US could enforce existing sanctions and impose stricter ones like prosecuting banks that surreptitiously do business with the Assad regime. US could explain their own indiscretions and war crimes and […]

Mother Of War

Mother Of War. Quick updates on the captivity and prosecution of whistleblower, Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning and links to full coverage articles.

War Is Not A Panacea

War Is Not A Panacea.