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Planet Earth

My Gilded Cage
Planet Earth

unbiased and curious I discovered gravity,
the boundaries of a once utopian planet,
my gilded cage.

After billions of years of transformation
Mother earth, with belly full, gave birth to plants
Which gave her beauty and purity beyond any in the solar system.

Sybarites, origins unknown,
Slash-burned her forests, blasted her mountains,
Consumed minerals from her belly, polluting her air and waters,
Reducing her to this decadent gilded cage.

Sybaritic greed spread across the planet,
Exacting and hoarding all the wealth to quell insatiable cravings,
Infecting the self-absorbed and materialistic:
High finance, megamedia, global corporations, governments, militaries, religions, all fell under the spell of sybaritic need.

Now the few remaining virgin lands are being destroyed for their resources.
Rain forests for exotic wood,
Mountains flattened for coal and shale…
Stored radioactive nuclear waste seeps into our soil, yet new nuclear power plants are built.
Our water burns with methane from fracking for natural gas.
Ocean ecosystems are under attack by leaking deep water oil wells,
Climate change is drastically affecting our weather with never ending droughts and super storms,
And that’s just the tip of the melting iceberg!

Indigenous peoples suffer no better fate than their land and, in the face of this undefeatable decadence, they turn to religious fanaticism and terrorism. Sybaritic powers with luxurious arsenals kill any resistance taking uncounted innocents in the process, which causes fanaticism to spread. People protest, but to justify world militarism, the Sybarites label civil uprising of any kind “terrorism”. Civil disobedience, mischief, even speaking out at legal gatherings and protests brings exaggerated interpretations of the law, and prosecutorial overreach. The spirit or original purpose of legislation and the constitution is twisted. and fear silences the majority. But hero hacktivist and whistleblowers fear the long range consequences of anti-democratic government and leak their secret abuses. Independent journalists, protest organizers and artists bring the truth to the people to shepherd in a resistance. But governments have become so militaristic and powerful, can an awakening of the people prevail before the planet is destroyed when …

Those who control the world, nuclear world powers–national, corporate, and terrorist are caught in an impenetrable negative spiral, sybaritic, pathologic spinning, oblivious to the reason of altruism and the potential of human beings?

Well, the sybaritic pawns may say I’m an old grey mare who ain’t what she used to be, standing in the way of progress. But my time here on earth is waning, and it’s not the coming big sleep that feels me with dread. It’s that, planet earth, my gilded cage, could die before me.

—sad eyed lady of the lowlands
(as told to polysensory)


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