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Net Neutrality


Net Neutrality, our last bastion of hope to preserve our democracy is threatened. Under the plan proposed by FCC Chair, another of Obama’s corporate puppet appointees, ISPs can discriminate as to what content their service will allow and can charge higher prices for faster delivery, literally pushing those who cannot afford to pay out of their way.
Both TV news and programming are almost totally controlled by big money special interests presenting their point of view. An exception to the rule, COSMOS a show on FOX, which explains the scientific method, climate change, Darwinism and other science, is being objected to by right-wing, crazy “christians” (acting nothing like Jesus Christ) demanding equal time to present their personal religious beliefs. Corporate news programs air government press releases and “official leaks” and interview politicians without questioning their validity. Extreme and irrational pundits blame the country’s problems on their own petty dislikes, and those who don’t understand complex government issues fall for their ploy. Their lives are so busy paying real estate bubble mortgages and otherwise keeping up with middle class pressures, they stop questioning. The internet is practically the only venue left where one can find the complete story, the whole truth. But most of these sites are nonprofit and of course, as they expose corporate abuses, do not have large corporate sponsors, and FCCs new policies will crush their ability to get read or heard or seen.
The government uses ubiquitous surveillance to know everything about us, but now it’s like they’re trying to destroy the only media left who will tell the truth about them.


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