Mother Of War

February 23, 2013

Bradley Manning has been in captivity for 1000 days. His human rights and civil rights have been violated repeatedly. Our government has twisted constitutional law to suggest that he (and other activist whistleblowers) is a terrorist for exposing government secrets that should never have been secret.
I am worried that government and mega corporations think they can govern our country without consent of the people. In order to let them know the people’s will is strong, I believe we the people should designate a Bradley Manning Activists Day. Instead of a holiday, everyone will devote the day, in what ever way and whatever cause suits them. Not that we shouldn’t continue our activism daily. But a special day when we ask all the people of the world to speak out!

Today Bradley Manning protests were held in Australia, Britain, Germany, France, South Korea, Belgium, and other countries. In the US, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, New York and more.

Trial starts March 6.

January 19, 2013

112 days prison time credit for pretrial treatment listed below. If Judge Lind is just strictly interpreting the law, let’s hope she does the same with the army’s excuses for trial delays and absurd, reaching charges like “enemy of the state”. But don’t count on it. Lind cited US versus Kiriakan, says the government only has to prove Manning had reason to believe the enemy would access the Wikicables, and as I understand it, also if he should have had reason to believe … Lind has previously ruled Manning cannot disprove “intent to harm”, until after he is convicted, at sentencing. Full details are at dissenter.firedoglake.com.

The Mother of War exposed by the WikiCables comes back to whack the accused cables’ whistleblower.

The irony of the pretrial punishment inflicted on accused WikiCables whistleblower, Bradley Manning, he was the victim of the same government abuse of power, secrecy and inhumane treatment of suspects, exposed in the cables. And as with the WikiCables, the mainstream press has not lived up to its responsibility to inform the mainstream public. I followed the unlawful punishment hearing for Bradley Manning at several sites and thought the best was at dissenter.firedoglake.com.

Some salient points:
1. The soldiers overseeing Manning’s treatment in the brig completely ignored his doctors advice, which is unprecedented. The doctors and health advisors were not kept fully informed of his treatment.
2. Brig soldiers in charge of Manning’s treatment blamed their actions on their misunderstanding of “ambiguous” rules and their paranoia they would be held responsible, not sadism, which is my opinion.
3. The Pentagon was to be kept informed of all actions. There was no mention of the White House.
4. There was dissention about his treatment and Manning made friends at Quantico.
5. That Manning lived through it and proved himself to be of stronger character than his captors.

Manning’s attorney, David Coombs said, “If conditions are more onerous than necessary, that can give rise to an intent to punish,” and he cited the failure to remove Manning from “MAX/POI detainee” after Aug 13, 2010 and the influence of Lt. Gen. George Flynn, the commanding general of Quantico, the taking of his underwear and the failure to provide 1 hour of exercise and sunshine.

Previously published :

Bradley Manning, political prisoner of the US, who exposed the Mother Of War, torture, war crimes and US complicity in human rights violations, testified November 29, 2012 about his treatment in US custody. Here’s a summary.

Accused of nonviolent crime, but restrained with chains and leg irons.

Arrested May 2010 taken to Kuwait held for almost 2 months in dark tent in 8′ x 8′ x 8′ cage, with a little rack bed and toilet. Awakened at 10 or 11 pm then allowed to sleep at noon to 1 pm the next day.

Then until April 2011 held at. Quantico under POI or suicide watch:
6′ x 8′ cell 23 1/2 hours per day with 1/2 hour exercise and sun. Video taped all the time, forced to stand at attention or sit up straight, no leaning 10 to 15 hours per day, coarse clothing and bedding, or no clothing or eyeglasses had to beg for toilet paper naked which was video taped. Cell lights on all day and night, no natural light.

His army psychiatrist said he did not belong on suicide watch and it was harming him, but his opinion was ignored, which was unprecedented.

Transferred to medium-security confinement at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in April 2011.

Bradley is now Chelsea a transgender and our of prison. I tweet any news or articles by/about her @polysensory.


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