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By the US newly militarized government Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning has not been treated as a human being. And ironically, what lead Chelsea to become a whistleblower and her arrest was her humanitarianism. She is now serving a 35 year sentence in military prison for exposing war crimes and abuses of the powers that be.


When Bradley Manning’s persecution began, he thought (in a 8 x 8 foot cage) he might be killed, and eventually he was charged with “aiding the enemy” a capital offense. His message was humanitarian and exposed the most powerful government on earth, a superpower without rival, whose militarized authority was (is) out of control.


The Afghan and Iraq War Logs exposed war crimes that have never been prosecuted. Cablegate showed the prejudice and diplomatic spying within our embassies, who are supposed to be working for peace. (No wonder the United States is involved in 174 violent conflicts! The world is a battlefield. Diplomacy is dead.) The Guantanamo files released POW information that the US should have made available by international law.


Throughout this Kafkaesque trial, the prosecution has blamed the blowback from Manning’s leaks on him, not on the abuses and misconduct he exposed. Had these not occurred there would have been no harm to US reputation. Had the US not over classified, but had been open about their governance, the leaks would not have been (be) necessary, and informed people could have made better decisions and elected honest government, and national security would not be in the precarious, distrustful state it is in today.


Yet the US government’s reactionary response to Manning’s WikiLeaks, its War on Whistleblowers and activists, and its failure to answer to the people continues. It takes no action to correct the endemic corruption with disregard for civil and human rights or the superior attitude that caused the injustices. It only prosecutes the messengers.


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Tweets with links to details of Chelsea Manning’s ordeal can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory
along with other news mainstream media fails to report.


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