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After 9/11/2001 attacks, militarism was escalated by the US around the world as well as at home. The recent events in Ferguson demonstrate how this militarism is being abused. Force instead of diplomacy has become the reactive response of a civil society. Macho predominates.

Homo sapiens have evolved large brains. We are capable of logic and reasoning, but those in power lead US into precarious situations in order to fulfil their own greed and power addictions. Obama says we must protect our business interests abroad. Even if those businesses bribe corrupt governments into abusing their people and environments causing the people to hate US? At home large corporations bribe elected officials with campaign contributions and any other way they can get away with it. Voting becomes a choice between the lesser of the evils.

The peaceful activists in Ferguson are now standing up to this misguided force. The few who use violence to fight this force are as macho as the militarized police. They harm the reputation of the nonviolent protesters and their movement, depriving them of the support they need to end the abuse of force and bring justice to Ferguson and the world.


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