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Selective Prosecution

US & UK distort constitnal law

112 days prison time credit for Bradley Manning for inexorable treatment while at Quantico, (See Mother of War)

Suicide for Aaron Schwartz after the Department of Justice relentlessly pursues him for downloading public records, and drops the case 2 days after his suicide,

Jeremy Hammond remains in jail, denied bail, accused of hacking the Strafor files,

Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador, but the United Kingdom stalls international law and police blockade the Ecuadorian embassy to arrest him should he attempt to leave, (See World War WikiLeaks)

But the Department of Justice of the USA fails to prosecute wall street and a record number of financial institutions who defraud, and the few they prosecute lose their memories, admit no wrong doing, receive fines, a fraction of their profits, and not large enough to curtail such behavior in the future. DOJ reprehensibly permits bank executives to solicit the business of drug cartels and terrorist, laundering their money, without jail time punishment, and their fines are also a fraction of their profits, (See Wall Street Sucks and Matt Taibbi’s many articles at rollingstone.com)

True, the dominant culture often gives preferential treatment to its own, even in our “democracy”, but this extreme, militant targeting of anti-secrecy whistleblowers, hacktivist and free press could be a cover-up.


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