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Irrational Government Behavior


“What do they know that we don’t know?” You hear sincere, knowledgeable people ask in quiet desperation when trying to understand the irrational behavior of our government–
Like ubiquitous surveillance of law abiding citizens?
Or military support and weapons sales to countries who do not reflect our democratic values?

What they know is how to sell out! And they excuse themselves by saying “if we don’t someone else will.”

Their surveillance gives the plutocracy access to the communications of activists, journalists and whistleblowers who can expose their military minded, authoritarian, corrupted ways. They also spy on government officials who are investigating them. They say this surveillance is necessary to combat terrorism, but it has not led to insight or exposure of terrorists, but has been used to target dissent.

Our military is involved in conflicts in over 170 countries, that’s almost all of them, giving the plutocracy access to their wealth and resources through dealings with corrupt political despots. Weapons sales make money, but more importantly, are used as leverage in secret power negotiations. This military machine has not led to a safer planet, but spreads violence like a cancer growing more discrimination and desperation.

We have the knowledge and technology, a beautiful planet with a curable environment, wise and compassionate leaders if we will just follow them, to create a utopia here on earth. It may take hundreds of years, but right now we’re not even going in the right direction, at least, let’s change direction.

These opinions are based on articles not found in plutocracy controlled media, but you can link to them at:



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