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How To Tell The Truth (and not get caught)

How To Tell The Truth (and not get caught)

1. Stir it up. Leak what will be beneficial in the long run, though it may cause controversy at first. Edit when necessary.

2. Leak information that is available to various sources and create a facade character for yourself, to avoid being suspect.

3. If it is necessary to leak information that is privy only to a few, have a backup escape plan, Ecuadorian asylum, offshore bank account, extra passport, visa, etc.

4. Leak only to encrypted sites like WikiLeaks, where you can maintain anonymity. Remember mainstream media has literally sold out and it is better for independent journalists if they don’t know who you are.

5. Be surreptitious. Don’t let yourself be observed telling the truth.

6. Pick a location for the transference of the leak that cannot be traced back to you.

7. Timing. Wait for the right time to leak. When you are focused and in control, when the information will have the most impact, will be read and understood, etc.

8. Use comedy, fiction, satire, analogies, allegories or other forms of art to disguise the truth.

9. Don’t reveal your identity to anyone. If you can’t keep a secret, how can you expect anyone else to.

When government fails to do their job, it is the responsibility of the press, with the input of leakers, hacktivists, whistleblowers, and investigative. undercover reporters to expose the injustice. Federal and state governments are saying this is illegal.


A video and transcript showing animal cruelty and abuse which is deleteriously effecting the food produced.

“AARON MATÉ: Pete, I just want to clarify, you said earlier that you find cruelty 100 percent of the time?

PETE: One hundred percent of the time. You know, I mean, it would stand to reason that there has to be a farm out there, at least one, that’s not breaking the law. That would stand to reason. The only thing I can tell you is that I have not found it yet.”


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