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Helpless Poor Girl Blues

This week ideas and reality clashed in a rift between Anonymous and WikiLeaks. So I dedicate this poem to their reconciliation.

As solar rays generate from the sun,
So blues waves emanate from the OMMM…
Negative vibrations from earth are distorting cosmic consonance,
I’m only one poor girl needing help to restore the calm.

Tired of working for the money-hungry.
Tired of slaving while the rich ride free.
Oppressed, restless –my essence to be
Realized, a world to set free!

But one poor lone earth girl can’t keep time
With transcendental rhythm and rhyme
When gravities pull the mind from the sublime,
But empathic synergy could free minds.

If there were others willing to fight,
To overcome but still do right,
Illuminating, like transcendent light,
Truth leaking evangelists unite!

Luminaries with peace of mind to share
With procrustean, spiritually unaware
Sycophants and wannabees as their
Sanity returns and egos lay bare.

And as more zombie minds awaken,
Their masters, war power freaks, are shaken;
No one left to force their rule they’re taken
By surprise when they are not forsaken–

But because they consumed without restrain
They now face cold turkey withdrawal pain,
And this abrupt deprivation shocks their brains
To know they’ve only themselves to blame.

As solar energy radiates from the sun,
So blues waves emanate from the OMMM. . .
All earth’s sentient beings together in harmonic resonance
Now competent to explore the cosmos and spread a peaceful calm,

Questing for omniscience forever to grow
Around this world, then off we go
Expanding past any world we know,
Omnipresent cosmic light show!

Then this timeless multiverse can breathe
Omniscience like air for free,
Feast on enlightened philosophies,
Produce everlasting altruistic peace!


One comment on “Helpless Poor Girl Blues

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