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Bradley Manning Trial June 2013

Timely tweets at https://twitter.com/polysensory and a later, reflective summary here.

pss note: Bradley is now Chelsea, a beautiful, transgender humanitarian and is out of prison.

Bradley Manning trial will begin in June, here’s a late update of major 2013 pretrial hearings events.

Private Manning pleaded guilty to 10 charges, exposing himself to up to 20 years in prison. The Freedom of the Press Foundation released a bootleg recording of Private Manning’s statement which showed his motivation and activism to be of the highest order. He was again nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

The judge, Col. Denise Lind’s ruling that prosecutors must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Private Manning had “reason to believe” that the files could be used to harm the United States or to aid a foreign power, has been interpreted in many ways, and further contortions of constitutional law are expected.

A seal at Bin Laden’ s capture will be allowed to testify that some of the wikicables in question were found at BLs compound.

There is expected to be better press coverage at the June trial, than the much ignored pretrial hearings.


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