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Big Money’s Ruling Law

Wake up America,
I want to shake you all!
Cause we gotta save our planet
From big money’s rulin’ law!

Political activism is necessary to overcome big money’s control of our government.

CEO pay skyrocketed last year over 20%, while middle and lower incomes fell. Nobel Prize recipient in economics, Joseph Stiglitz said in his latest book, “countries that are more unequal don’t do as well, don’t grow as well, and they are less stable. ”
Government social programs are cut while big banks receive billions in corporate welfare through subsidized US government loan rates. Wall street and financial institutions are rewarded, not prosecuted, for their major role in our economic recession. Corporations take jobs out of the USA, pay less taxes, cause wages and workers’ rights to decline, and damage America’s relations with other countries.
The office of the Secretary of State no longer represents the people, but now acts selfishly for US business, even sharing relevant espionage of competitors with US companies. Trade must be fair, we want to make friends not enemies! Successful diplomacy is based on respect and mutual understanding. War must be the last resort, not used to gain access to another country’s natural resources.
The 2012 elections prophesy no change, and if big money’s rule continues our economy and democracy can only deteriorate. Political activism is necessary to increase awareness, and confidence, and numbers, as the people’s vote becomes powerful enough to regain the rule of the country.

Vote strategically. For example, if you are of the opinion that you should vote for the lesser of the evils, due to the electoral process or if your district, state is strongly one party, your vote won’t matter. Consider voting Green, Libertarian or Peace&Justice to voice decent.

The recent conventions of the dems and gops showed how out of touch with the people these powers are. If we are to end corporate control of our country, we the people must put on the pressure and make activism a permanent part of our lives.
The Occupy movement, the. Green, Libertarian, and Peace and Justice parties offer a collective means to influence those in power, and possibly have our candidates win in some strategic locations.
Through the internet and independent media we can stay informed, and educate and energize others to become involved. Commenting and passing on articles, participating in internet discussions are easy ways to learn and teach.
Don’t give up. Our democracy is not totally compromised!



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