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The Lovesong of Billy the Kid


Far Far Away on a distant planet of another galaxy and universe much like our own, with slightly less gravity and relatively the same physical laws that apply here on Earth and through out the Milky Way, there evolved a homo sap and other species with slightly less gravitas and relatively the same physiques, and with cultures and characters as individual and as alike as those of our world.

It was a time of exploration and cultural wars and slavery and genocide. Battles were fought for land and freedom, and ultimately wealth and power. It was
the beginning of the age of weapons of self destruction.

The predatory men behind this destruction were called zombies and were believed to be mind-controlled by an upper echelon of telepathic ancients or aliens of unknown origins. Zombies who were aware of being manipulated by telepathic voices and empathic emotions, thought these parasitic puppeteers gods or one almighty God with an enforcer army, and were fooled into believing them superior in intellect because of their dictatorial powers. These conniving zombies saw this as an asset if one could gain their favor. In truth the controllers were insane, out-of-control conquerors. Most zombies were controlled through their unconscious and were unaware of these dictators. The gods or puppeteer mesmerizers, punished these zombies by pushing negative thoughts and feelings into their brains often times to the point of torture, sometimes leading to permanent bodily harm, even death. They used this behaviorist style of coercion to keep the clueless zombies in line. Whereas positive reinforcement leading to addiction and sweet talk causing superiority complexes was used to manipulate the conniving zombies.

Terra’s saving force known as master wisecrackers, were homo saps with the learned ability to move their consciousness from one animal body to another. Some had lived many lives. A few were even believed to be more powerful than the telepathic puppeteers, though power was not crucial to their purpose. They were Master teachers having chosen to be reborn to work with their students to end the suffering of all sentient beings by sharing the wisdom of awakening and the path to liberation. Wisecrackers believed in a God force of compassion and their weapons were wit and wisedom, and acting through the positive understanding of cause and effect.

The success of the wisecrackers would shape Terra’s future:
At best, ending predatory man’s continued obsession with war and weapons, by awakening humanity to compassionate cosmic consciousness and leading in time to the birth of a utopia.
Failure would mean the ultimate annihilation of the planet, or el mismo, continuing the learning purgatory of pleasure and pain.


Homo Sap Characters

Pauli, Paulita, Queen- Young Wisecracker, Covert Medium, Soulmate of Billy the Kid

Will, William Bonney, Billy the Kid-Young Wisecracker Protection Division, Soulmate of Queen

Marx Marín-Philosopher, Senior Wisecracker Teacher

Dong Chong-Philosopher, Senior Wisecracker Teacher

Zombie Cowboy-Wannabe Bounty Hunter

Shane-Young Wisecracker, Rides with Kid

Josh-Young Wisecracker, Rides with Kid

Patriarch-Brother and Patriarch of Queen’s Family

Grandmother-Apache Ancient del Rancho de las Antepasados, Wisecracker

Venus-Owner of the Flytrap, Wisecracker

Cleavon-Owner of the Saloon, Wisecracker

Dollar Bill-Robber Baron

Aphrodesia-Owner of the Flytrap

Pat Garrett-Sheriff of Rainbow Town










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