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Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?

Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?.

November 23. 2013

At the climate summit in Warsaw, Poland this week the plutocracy showed its total loss of affect by anyone’s needs other than their own greedy, addictive-like cravings. Though the cost of reducing, repairing and preparing for climate change would be less than continuing to pollute, wealthy governments support the polluters.

Developing renewable energy, which is more labor intensive than fossil fuels, would benefit the economy as well as reduce pollution. It would not monetarily benefit those in power who have investment in the current system of energy production. The military industrial complex, too, would lose if instead of climate change disasters destabilizing governments, we improved conditions and brought peace and prosperity to developing countries, no longer needing the expensive technological war apparatus in which they have invested.

So when confronted by developing nations most threatened by climate change, the beast exposed itself when it coldly said no to reparations for damage it had caused and even backtracked on commitments it had made previously to reduce future environmental devastation.

This beast of power and money is frightening, but we are 7 billion strong. A grassroots movement of the people–humane people who respect everyone’s right to life and recognize the need to maintain the ecology of the planet, who know that world peace, even utopia can be achieved through understanding and sharing–a coming together of the people, like the beauty we saw in Warsaw this week (only much bigger) is needed to tame this beast.

Tweets with links to cop19 climate change summit and environmental reports can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory
along with other news mainstream media fails to report.


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