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Bugged By NSA

IMAG0038-1-1Edward Snowden’s NSA’s leaks have exposed a ubiquitous surveillance system, which, though billed to defeat terrorism, has contributed to its escalation, by making more enemies. Our leadership has put fear in the minds of its citizens in order to steal the power to push their authoritarian agenda, and in so doing, have put the rest of the world in fear of US, out-of-control, macho reactionism.

Money and minds that could have been used for urgently needed humane and earth-saving purposes, have been wasted storing haystacks of digital communications, then looking for the elusive needle, instead of targeting obvious threats in the first place. All the while they’re violating innocent people’s privacy and leaving sensitive information vulnerable to abuse. Abuse from within and without, From within, the civil rights of activists and free press have been violated. Politicians and governments have been eavesdropped on for unnecessary and unknown reasons, possibly blackmail. Business and technological secrets have been stolen.

And now this has been exposed do our leaders check themselves and correct their mistakes? No, they lie, and blame it on the messenger, as USual.

Tweets that link to articles about this (especially enjoyable is when they lie and are exposed by the next leak) at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.


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