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Watched a broken, low-sound, can’t-read-subtitles, smartphone, way-out-in.the-hills versión of MEDIASTAN last night, so I won’t quote any details.

The documentary demonstrated how media worldwide, through intimidation, licit and illicit, has succumbed to the force of the powerful, and in varying degrees, failed to report the truth to the people. This, of course, is very worrisome, and should be a call to action for all sentient beings.

To me and at this time, open internet seems our last bastion of hope, and I plead with everyone to do what they can to keep it open, as it is constantly under attack by the plutocracy. Through this medium, no matter how totalitarian governments get, guerilla journalism can continue to report the truth.

En la espiritu de Che and with peace and compassion we must unveil the illusion these insane patriarchs perpetuate.


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