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Wall Street Sucks

Wall Street Sucks. Advertisements

World War WikiLeaks

Totalitarian powers don’t want you to know, And if you know, Don’t want you to blow, WHISTLES! US War on Whistleblowers continues SOURCE: US alarming behavior toward alleged whistleblowers like Jeremy Hammond, Bradley Manning and Julian Assange. Michael Ratner Assange’s attorney was in the courtroom when alleged Stratfor hacker Jeremy Hammond was denied bail. […]

I am polysensory.

I am polysensory. Homo sapiens are polysensory. This means we are able to perceive our environment in multiple ways … seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting and smelling, but in a limited and peculiar homo sapien way. These five senses can be cultivated and expanded, or controlled and mitigated. The human brain receives these senses in code […]