1 – Rainbow Town Meeting

Rainbow Town Meeting

We begin our saga at the Flytrap, the local house of prostitution where Venus, it’s proprietor officiates a town meeting.
Venus: “To counter feelings of discouragement due to recent intersectionality of various systems of oppression by our self-righteous, authoritarian government we will not conduct our regular, bitching-desperately-seeking-solutions town meeting. Instead we will provide much needed comic relief hoping to prime the pump and get our creative juices flowing. The Young Wisecrackers have a special treat for us today. A skit to put our troubles in perspective. Shane will play Reverend Ryan and Josh his sycophant. Will, the peasant. Imagine the scene, a lavish stone church with a graven image of Jesus sacrificed on a gold cross above decorative engraved double doors. A peasant sits leaning against a side wall, sombrero shading his face and eyes, resting in siesta.”

[Mayor Reverend Ryan and his sycophant stand in front of the church within hearing distance of the peasant.]
Ryan pontificating: “I support traditional family values. the American way– work long hours all week. Magnanimously spend all my free time with my family, provide for my family with a beautiful home, tasty rich cuisine, lavish clothes and jewelry for my wife’s putative attempt to fit in, help her to impress her socialite friends, exclusive private schools for the kids so as not to expose them to inferior, rebellious peons and their egalitarian philosophy, non conforming elements, Individualists!”

Sycophant: “Then these peasants complain about their FREE public schools, not enough to eat, expect fuel in the winter to stay warm, want a new pair of shoes every year.”

Ryan: “So I shut down public schools and now their kids can work if they need more money. We can use the school funds for new deputies and weapons to squash their protest. That’ll teach them not to question predatory power.”

Sycophant: “Clever coup those peasant kids are incapable of any book learning anyway and their parents just don’t know their place and can’t accept the superiority of those in power.”

Peasant to Mayor Reverend Ryan and sycophant: “Absurdity! because the very book you hold so high the Bible says we must all seek an education. It is you who are incapable of learning from the history books how our governments who are greedy and do not share fail. It is auspicious how more and more money is spent on defense and less on social programs immediately prior to when great empires fall.”

Ryan: “Buttinsky wisecracker. You are inferior and jealous of our success, just cannot accept your own limitations.”

Peasant: “Nonsense, you plutocrats adopt business practices and laws that favor the wealthy and put small entrepreneurs out of business and at a disadvantage. You manipulate and control and undermine, legally and illegally become so oppressive the population can take no more and for some the situation is worse than death, so they rebel. The oppressors are eventually overthrown and much life is lost on both sides.”

Ryan: “More on your side. Many on our side are just insignificant soldiers who follow orders, recognize our superiority, would die for us.”

Sycophant: “I would die for you, Mayor Reverend.”

Peasant: “Throughout Terra’s history it is altruistic governments that educate the people to think for themselves and take care of themselves that reign supreme. Compassionate leaders think creatively, share new ideas that save us all from hard labor and enrich our lives materially and spiritually, emotionally and intellectually, so we all grow together as humane sentient beings.”

Mayor Reverend Ryan: “Ungrateful cooth! Predatory power will prevail. We’ll blow you all to kingdom come. You haven’t a chance against our patriotic mesmerized military and luxurious arsenal.”

Peasant: “You really don’t read much, or maybe just read selectively materials that only support your beliefs. History shows insurgents eventually win. For every insurgent you kill, you create impetus for lots more. Instead of selectively reading passages that support your actions and beliefs, you should study history full spectrum, so that you can learn from history’s mistakes and not allow your predispositions to steer you in the wrong direction toward actions you subconsciously want to take and are trying to convince others to take for the wrong reasons, like money or power or land and resources.”

Ryan: “God is on OUR side!”

Peasant: “Reality, you must face reality and see things as they are and will unfold if we are to avoid your consequential destruction of our planet.”

[Ryan spaces out, his eyes fail to see, he turns and shuffles off like a zombie mumbling “God almighty”. Sycophant follows like a behavior modified pet.]

[Peasant shakes his head from side to side and mutters underneath his breath: “It’s the zombie zap.”]

[Sycophant turns back towards the peasant: A light of recognition in his eyes. Asks: “The zombie zap?”]

Peasant: [hopefully] “Yeh, the zombie zap! Awaken sycophant, shake it off and join us.”

Will: [Removes his peasant disguise.] “Yes sycophant, it’s a zombie zap. That’s the jest of it folks, let’s show sycophant the zombie zap.”

Will: [from podium like a preacher]
“It’s a zombie zap.”

[ Townsfolk sing and dance to the tune of the Monster Mash.]

[The Dance: Each dancer is a joint or domino in a shape that they together form of a sidewinder rattlesnake. Each dancer performs a series of the same repetitive movements consecutively, like dominos falling one upon another consecutively. People dance as they sing. Like mindless zombies slightly bent forward beginning at the neck they move with arms out in front at a 90 degree angle to their body, legs straight, knees not bent as feet shuffle and stumble and move forward without leaving the floor. Then, beginning with the last in line, one after the other they slide into a pelvic thrust, the.lower spinal vertebra moves forward, then one vertebra at a time forward in a whipping motion. The last dancer being the impetus for the next zombie stumbler to begin the pelvic thrust, and on up the line all the way to the first in line. Meanwhile the last dancer immediately begins the next move at the spine falling slightly forward starting with the top vertebra in a back whipping forward motion. Again the zombie stumble movement, then starting with the bottom vertebra again one vertebra at a time, the pelvic thrust, then falling forward beginning with the top vertebra, return to mindless zombie shuffle and stumble as everyone repeatedly does the zombie zap. Like dominos falling and recovering the line continues moving in a curved motion in the shape of a sidewinder rattlesnake, moving with each person acting like a separate domino or joint of the snake, falling forward at the neck, mindless stumbling, pelvis thrusting, but never actually touching the person in front of them.]

[Music to the tune of Monster Mash continues. Everyone hoots and hollers and the lyrics begin.]
“They do the zap, They do the zombie zap.”

Will: “They go to the graveyard (a metaphor) to conjure up demon spirits to gain supernatural strength for their mind control happening.”

Townsfolk: “It’s a zap and a graveyard hap [voices trailing off] p e n I n g…”

Will: “Not passive resistance,
No girly lap dance”

Townsfolk: “They don’t acquiesce,
No dance in the lap.”

Will: “It’s a macho sap of your lifeforce.”

Townsfolk: “It’s a sap, a macho, manly sap.”

Will: “And what do they call it?”

Townsfolk: “It’s the zap, it’s the . zombie zap.”

Will: “It doesn’t matter how strong you are physically, if you can’t control your own subconscious mind, your strength will be used against you.”

Townsfolk: “Surreptitious, sneaky from the back It’s the zap, it’s the zombie zap.”

[All continue to dance and sing along. Sycophant joins in:
It’s a zombie zap. Goes to the end of the rattlesnake line dancing and singing out like rattles. It’s a zombie zap. Everyone smiles big because sycophant wakes up. They all sing: “It’s a zombie zap.”]

Will: “One more time! It’s a zombie zap.”

Sycophant and Townsfolk: “They do the zap, They do the zombie zap.”

Will: [Speaking fast in a soft whisper] “They go to the graveyard to conjure up demon spirits to gain supernatural strength for their mind control happening.”

Sycophant and Townsfolk: “It’s a zap and a graveyard hap [voices trailing off] p e n I n g…”

Will: [a little louder] “Not passive resistance, No girly lap dance.”

Sycophant and Townsfolk: “They don’t acquiesce. No dance in the lap.”

Will: [shouting] “It’s a macho sap of your lifeforce.”

Sycophant and Townsfolk: “It’s a sap, a macho, manly sap.”

Will: “And what do they call it?”

Sycophant and Townsfolk: “It’s the zap, it’s the zombie zap.”

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