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Nada in the Chamber

[Zombie Cowboy struts following his bulging penis pointing out like an arrow into the local saloon. Like a cartoon bull on his hind legs in gigolo-pimp cowboy duds, he strikes a pornographic pose as he stalls at the swinging doors to stalk the room. He’s a wannabe  bounty hunter, zombie to voodoo economics of greedy capitalism, a puppet of the corrupt plutocracy   that incites violence to enforce      it’s will, expand its empire and feed its constant cravings.  He snorts like a bull, his phallus like a divining rod points toward the poker table where he charges toward insatiable fulfillment and muscles his way into the poker game to the surprise of the other players.   Across the table sits Billy the Kid, incognito to the strange intruder. Around the table Kid’s gang and friendly locals look to Kid questioningly. Kid looks up surprised like he didn’t hear Zombie Cowboy’s obnoxious entrance.]

Kid: Where did you come from   Zombie Cowboy: New York.  [Everyone laughs but a clueless Zombie Cowboy.]

Kid: Well, that makes six. Ominous! [Grabs a new deck, shuffles, deals. The first hand everyone’s feeling high and lucky, all but one player holds his high cards and discards the low ones –that player is Billy the Kid, who takes the pot with a 2-7 heart flush. And though other players settle down after a while and begin to play more strategically, the game pretty much goes like that, in Kid’s favor, for the rest of the night. You see Kid plays poker like you or I ambulate or pour a cup of coffee, or other motor skill, without conscious thought. He knows what cards to hold and throw away subconsciously. Perhaps it’s cosmic sense, like he was tuned in to some other dimension, or maybe he uses a part of his brain not commonly accessed by other homo sapiens– evolution? Perhaps unconsciously in the back of his mind he’s just playing the odds? But it was because of this subconscious ability he won almost every hand, many with some very humble cards.  No one ever suggested he was cheating.]

Zombie Cowboy   Any of you know where I can find Billy the Kid?

Kid: What you want him for?   Zombie Cowboy: [Thinking the town will be happy to rid themselves of the Kid.] Planning to kill him collect the bounty.

Marx Marin: So you’re after the money, solely profit motivated like the plutocracy.

Zombie Cowboy: What’s plutocracy?

Marx Marin: That’s all the wealthy people control government, politics, what dictates civilized society. Enforce the law harshly for poor folk  but consider themselves above the law.

Josh: Folks around here say Kid’s a hero, never shot a man but for justice or self-defense.

Zombie Cowboy: Law says he shot a sheriff Brady and a deputy.

[The cards continue to fall, each hand Kid holds without thought the cards that will match up with what he draws to take the pot again and again, losing the hand only when deprived of the winning cards, not due to vision or expertise.]

Josh: We rode with the kid at John Tunstall’s ranch, decent businessman and rancher, unlike Lawrence Murphy and James Dolan, corrupt, establishment ranchers and businessmen, who didn’t like Tunstall’s democratic, share the wealth ideas or want anyone threatening their monopoly and their inflated bottom line.  Sheriff Brady works for them, bought and paid for, by them.  First they sent him to run Tunstall off his own land, then when Tunstall was on his way to the governor to seek redress, they murdered him–Sheriff Brady and his posse rode right up to him and shot him dead. Tunstall was unarmed. Kid was just dispensing justice, when he killed Sheriff Brady, even had a warrant from the local justice of the peace.  A gunfight ensued. Brady and the deputy were among the casualties.  Politics around here are fickle and inherently corrupt. Anyone tries to clean them up gets run off, bought off, or murdered.

Marx Marin: When Mexico was in power it was the same. All over the world governments are corrupt.   Dong Chong: Often the intrinsic nature of those who seek to rule      is one of compulsion to dominate,   then once they become rich, get addicted to all the accoutrements of wealth, no force is too perverted in order to stay in power and keep this sweet life.

Marx Marin: Of course there are exceptions, and when people bring these honest, dedicated leaders to power we see improvement.

Dong Chong:  But the deviant personalities have the energy of maniacs and surreptitiously mesmerize people and lure them away, especially effective if they distract them with promises of a wealthy payday.

Marx Marin: If people let down their guard they get caught up in the wealthy despots deceptive promises and lies or if the people become lazy or afraid to get involved, the honest leaders are forced out of power, quickly any gains are lost to the obsessive cravings of the plutocrats. We must stay alert and continue to support leaders who represent all the people equally–understanding all societies needs and interactions–   leaders with compassionate vision.

Josh: To live in a compassionate world, you must be compassionate.

Marx Marin: But one compassionate leader, even a small group of well meaning leaders, needs the power of the people behind them, to keep the momentum toward liberty, justice, and equality.  To realize the utopian potential of intelligent life on Earth.

Zombie Cowboy:  Its bounty hunting are inching out a living as some poor cowhand, cold ground for a bed, rock for a pillow, farting beans and corn, if you’re lucky, or maybe just tortillas and constipation. Only women you can get you got to pay for.

Shane: That’s what we are saying, Tunstall paid good wages,   provided housing, meat, fresh vegetables, beans and tortillas,  treated his hands like friends and    equals. Established powers are conditioned to hold on to their money and make more money without consideration for others.   Not saying they shouldn’t make a profit, but these legal crooks are making a killing, and you can take that both ways. They are not trying to create a community that can grow and flourish and provide a better life for everyone.

Dong Chong:  And as for the ladies   the Mexican Nationals, Mescaleros, small ranchers and farmers all have dances with musicians, food and drink and beautiful women   who can dance and sing. Here you can meet the lady you want to spend the rest of your life with.

The wife you seduce to marry you   with money and the things money can buy will be covetous of anyone who has more and will nag you   her whole life through. Your children will emulate her and become addicted to your materialistic gifts. Neither will love you for who you are.

[In the background you hear a raucous honky tonk piano, then the female voice of Venus Flytrap]   Venus Flytrap: Here I stand  the goddess of desire, set men on fire… Dong Chong:  ssshh, quiet Cleavon and Venus are rehearsing the new Lili Von Shtopp work protest song. [in the background more wild honky tonk piano]

Venus singing: Who can satisfy their lustful habits, I’m not a rabbit, I need a rest. I’m tired.

Zombie Cowboy:  Let’s play cards! [music fades out]  What is she singing about anyway,  what kind of work makes you a rabbit, doesn’t make sense? [around the table there is a domino effect rolling of the eyes]

Dong Chong: [chuckles] She’s the madam at the Flytrap, next door,  the house of the evening which substitutes as a town hall during the day.

Zombie Cowboy: And who’s that crazy piano player, her protecting pimp?

Dong Chong: That’s Cleavon, owner of this saloon, whose beer you’re drinking, Both Cleavon and Venus are contributing members of our community, always ready to help someone in need, honest and fair business people, not like the shady law you’re wanting to kill Billy the Kid for.

Marx Marin: And the women around here can protect themselves, especially those at the Flytrap. I’ve been teaching them the art of Tai chi, and the ladies have really taken to it. It’s an ancient Chinese art of self-defense whereby you reflect the force leveraged against you, rather than absorb it, sending it back to your offender. Doesn’t require a lot of weight behind it. Good for the ladies.

Dong Chong: As if they need it. They lead those robber barons around by their dicks, seduce them to their will.

Marx Marin: Their dicks and their big heads, overconfidence, that’s where they’re weak. Women exploit their dicks and wannabe sycophants like gunslinging cowboy here, play up to their arrogance, always the admiring subordinate, but what you wannabes don’t know is, they’re exclusionary. They will never let you into their elite society unless you become indoctrinated into their opinion-based persuasion of irrational practices– philosophy evoked to condone their predatory actions, not well thought out governing technique or social engineering based on fact and history. Figuratively speaking, you will be a zombie of a plutocratic voodoo economy feeding on those without a voice in their government of the wealthy.

Dong Chong: You will lose your autonomy. In a possessed mental state you will no longer think independently, but be overpowered by their subterfuge diffused into your mind by their deceptive verbiage. Your principles and your diverse group of friends and associates that once made you the individual you are, will be lost to you. You will essentially be a zombie, surrounded by zombies.

Shane: Like the voodoo overlord mesmerizes his zombies, you will be totally dazed, like you’ve been stoned in the head, led around like a zombie, without the perspicacity to question.

Marx Marin: They will always control you, always act your superior. It’s a hierarchy. You’re a pawn for the law. The law answers to the politicians and the robber barons. The robber barons and politicians are controlled by the richest of the rich–predatory bankers, mind controlling publishers promoting their on agenda, owners of the railroads, plantations, the gold and silver mines, who get richer off slave labor, shyster speculators with all the inside information, some so shadowy no one knows their names. And nobody knows what ethereal, cursed malfeasants compel their crazy schemes.

[Venus, playing the coquette, comes up behind Dong Chong puts her arms around him], speaking to Chong and Marx in a sexy voice, deliberately teasing double entendre]

Venus Flytrap: When you two get tired pontificating with these pokers, come next door and practice pedagogy with us. Would love your input. [Using her left thumb and index finger, making an O, and inserting her right index finger into the O. Misunderstanding the pun and the word pedagogy, all the young jaws around the poker table drop with envy, except Kid, who sees no reason to correct their misconceptions. He remembers just yesterday sitting with his lady and his townfolk, adults and children of all shapes and sizes and sentient beings of all kinds (even some cowpokes) lounge around the room, soaking up all the wise words and teachings of the Wisecrackers, multicultural philosophers who have integrated the knowledge of their ancestors, with their own ideas and reflections, into a cohesive and highly functional technique for altruistic living. Brilliant teachers who have seen reality with all its peaks and valleys and still retained a sense of humor. Wisecrackers Dong Chong and Marx Marin sitting on the floor in the middle of it all, facing each other discussing the interdependence of all things and how not understanding this cause and effect phenomena can lead to negativity that can destroy your mental and physical health. Dong has said many times. “Allow yourself to evolve. Let every experience create a truer you.” That you need NOT be a slave consciously or subconsciously controlled by dark forces. “You are your own master, which is a blessing. But also a responsibility  in that you have the capacity   through analytic meditation to grow to feel compassion instead of negative emotion toward sentient beings in problematic situations.”

Dong teaches and debates with Marx this analytic meditation of ancient Chinese philosophy and Buddhism. Once you learn the technique, they say to share this with others, over time creating a compassionate civilization and preventing violent conflict. Marx further explains the political interactions and adds, you must also understand and expose the deceptive practices of the wealthy plutocrats now in control, who like parasites, have convinced their host, the people, that their way is necessary for society’s existence and to maintain our economy and democracy. These established despots insist you must enslave, kill and take from others to live the good life. When people let these parasites get in their heads and control them, eventually they adopt their parasitic doctrine as their own, not realizing they are no longer the one in control of their own brain. They have become one of plutocracy’s zombies rapaciously feeding off fellow sentient beings. Is this gun toting intruder already one of their zombies or can he be awakened? A feeling of desperation washes over Kid, which he consciously replaces with determinism and acceptance. He thinks of his lady, he and his lady, so content and peaceful, wanting to continue living in this progressive community, listening to the Wisecrackers , looking for the elegant solution, and snaps out of his reverie.]

Kid: My lady can dance on the wind.  Apache grandmother taught her all the ancient ways, their dances and philosophy. You should see her dancing in the sun.   She says she clears her mind of all sensory thoughts, sees and feels her movements with her mind’s eye.  Spinning backwards in a wide swirling skirt, she leaps but you would swear the wind lifts her, and then she leans against it, she’s horizontal, suspended, then stretching reaches with her right leg and falls lightly touching the ground. Like a cat mostly weighted on her legs, back arched, fingertips barely touching the ground, she tucks her head and somersaults to her feet, raises her arms open to the sun, absorbing its warmth,   then she brings her arms and hands down in prayer posture (says she’s praying for the elegant solution) and bows to the sun.  Next she lowers to one  knee and pounds the ground with her fist,   shouting no arranged marriage  to Dollar Bill.  Dollar Bill’s a robber baron, her patriarch has promised her in marriage. but she wants me,   a cowhand.  She’s too intelligent to fall for his selfish promises and lies Zombie Cowboy: [incredulous] Intelligent women? Like those temperance gals won’t do as they’re told.

Kid: Smart, independent, let you be independent. Plus my lady can dance on the wind.  Her Apache grandmother has taught her all the ancient dances, music and philosophies of the Wisecrackers —   studies battle strategy, not just military but verbal debate. She can wake people up to the facts, prevent violent conflict, deals with the dark forces that    surreptitiously control the  plutocracy, their greedy nature that’s passed down from generation to generation, their addictions that keep them drooling for more and more, which means less and less for the rest of us.   Says this is repressive leadership   which history has proved only leads to revolution, violent revolution. This is not the way to a stable peaceful community and a prosperous future for all. For that you must share the wealth. Plutocrats are exclusionary, will never let an individual who thinks for himself into their exclusive club. You are expendable, someone they use, abuse, sacrifice to perpetuate their illusions of grandeur.

Dong Chong: You could say delusions of grandeur, some of them actually have themselves    fooled.

Marx Marin   They’re zombie imperialist feeding on the disenfranchised,  They don’t want peace, they get richer off war…   murdering, pillaging, taking the property of their victims. If you work for them, you contribute to the downfall of the democracy.

Zombie Cowboy   I’m just looking out for myself, times are hard   choices are few.

Marx Marin: You look healthy and   well fed, why so impetuous? You’re not looking far enough into the future. They create conflict between the people to divide us.   They knowingly send you to your death. They trick you with promises of a piece of their action   to get you to kill a good man who is in their way or to force a good man to kill you in order to prove their lies about his character and perpetuate their rumors.  Face reality, the only way for you to succeed is to join with others plagued by this corrupt government. All genders, races,  ethnicities and cultures, benefit by   sharing our knowledge and ways to survive, working together, united  in our individualism.

Josh:  Plus you’ll never kill Billy the Kid. You’re just a wannabe gunfighter, Kid can outsmart you,   out shoot you, out maneuver you,   if you’re looking out for yourself   get smart, lose the foolish bravado,      be a part of the peoples’ world, wake up to compassionate consciousness!

Dong Chong: Consider cause and effect. You plan to kill Billy the Kid, cause- for the $500 bounty and fame, a totally selfish and compassionless act, effect- if you succeed would bring you immediate gratification, but contribute to your future downfall both personal and worldly, personal because you would become the target for up and coming wannabe gunfighter stars and wordly disastrous because Kid is an active member of the resistance to the plutocracy, and his death would severely set the people’s revolution back. Or you will get yourself killed.

Josh: Yea, cause and effect  how you plan to do it anyway, gun fight, bushwack, shooting in the back  …  so you take your options.

If you want fame, to get written about in the gunfighter books,  straight, face to face shoot out is your best option.

Shane:  You’ll never beat Kid in a gunfight, he uses ten bullets to every one the other cowhands use. He practices all the time.

Zombie Cowboy: I’ve been practicing too.

Kid: Let me see you draw.

[Zombie Cowboy stands and draws on Kid.] Not too bad, what about your aim and your equipment, even the best guns must be maintained.   [Kid takes out his gun to demonstrate how smoothly the barrel turns and demonstrates all functioning parts.]  Take a look.   [Slides gun across the table to Zombie Cowboy, who pulls out both his guns and lays them on the table for Kid to see. They each examine the others’ guns.

It is common in these days for novice gun users to keep the firing   chamber of the six-shooter empty, as there is no safety to prevent   accidental firing and Kid may be   motivated at this point to protect everyone including Zombie Cowboy from the obvious   inexperience and carelessness of this strange intruder. Surreptitiously Kid removes the first bullet in each of Zombie Cowboy’s guns.]

Kid:  Excellent hardware, maybe should be worn in more to work  smoother.

Shane: I don’t think you have a chance against the Kid.   [The whole table agrees.]

Kid: Maybe ambush.You got a rifle, know how to use it.

Zombie Cowboy: I know how to shoot a rifle.

Shane: Man, you can forget that, The kid has a six sense. Knows when someone is tuning in on him.  When you ride with him you see his strong mental presence. It’s like he communes with his surroundings. He says it’s like hearing a continuous musical note, tells us to stay back, then rides straight toward the bushwackers, but taunts his pursuers, stops just out of range, with good shelter, The thugs get anxious, fire out of range. Kid flies off his horse, lands like a cat and rolls behind a boulder. It’s an amazing sight to see. Some will move forward while others fire to cover. But Kid he’s patient, then quick when he knows they finally fired all their bullets.  When they go to reload, he picks them off one by one. He’s so fast seems like he’s in   two, three, four places at once, and then they’re all down.

Zombie Cowboy:  I ain’t no dummy! Why you trying to scare me?

Marx Marin: Disbelieve at your own peril.

Zombie Cowboy   I’ll take my chances. Are y’all going to tell me   where this Kid is are not?

Kid: I’m the one they call Billy the Kid.

[Zombie Cowboy stands to draw   but before his gun clears his       holster Kid is standing, has his gun pointed straight at him.

Zombie Cowboy drops his gun back in his holster raises both arms with elbows bent, palms forward and backs away shaking his head from side to side.]

Kid: This is my home, where my lady and I want to live in peace. I don’t want to kill you. I don’t want to harm anyone. I want that all sentient beings should know compassion and work together for a better world, but if you force me, I will kill you in self-defense. [He turns and walks toward the exit but as he reaches the swinging doors   Kid hears a click. Zombie Cowboy has fired to shoot him in the back   but his firing chamber is empty. Leaving a trail like a tornado Kid turns faster than the eye can see,   and before Zombie Cowboy can fire again, he shoots.]

Marx Marin: [Looking down at the dead Zombie Cowboy, shaking his head, in low, sad mumble] Some people just don’t listen.

[Kid turns slowly and walks out the door.]

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Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?

Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?.

November 23. 2013

At the climate summit in Warsaw, Poland this week the plutocracy showed its total loss of affect by anyone’s needs other than their own greedy, addictive-like cravings. Though the cost of reducing, repairing and preparing for climate change would be less than continuing to pollute, wealthy governments support the polluters.

Developing renewable energy, which is more labor intensive than fossil fuels, would benefit the economy as well as reduce pollution. It would not monetarily benefit those in power who have investment in the current system of energy production. The military industrial complex, too, would lose if instead of climate change disasters destabilizing governments, we improved conditions and brought peace and prosperity to developing countries, no longer needing the expensive technological war apparatus in which they have invested.

So when confronted by developing nations most threatened by climate change, the beast exposed itself when it coldly said no to reparations for damage it had caused and even backtracked on commitments it had made previously to reduce future environmental devastation.

This beast of power and money is frightening, but we are 7 billion strong. A grassroots movement of the people–humane people who respect everyone’s right to life and recognize the need to maintain the ecology of the planet, who know that world peace, even utopia can be achieved through understanding and sharing–a coming together of the people, like the beauty we saw in Warsaw this week (only much bigger) is needed to tame this beast.

Tweets with links to cop19 climate change summit and environmental reports can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory
along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Ideally free trade can lead to healthy competition, but all parties involved must respect human rights and the environment, in order for all to benefit. Previous US free trade agreements have not respected human rights or the environment, and many countries are dropping out of trade agreements with US because of this disrespect. So the US negotiates new trade agreements and attempts (probably with the help of NSA surveillance), an even slicker deal.

One of these, the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is now being written behind closed doors. The US and 11 Asian and Latin American countries supervised by 600 campaign-contributing corporation representatives are hashing out the details. If quid pro quo, bribery, and blackmail are involved we won’t know, because the people and the press are not allowed even to observe, much less have input.

Some of the odious policies the US is pushing will:
1) give corporations the right to sue for compensation when they are required to respect human rights and the environment,
2) increase medical costs for everyone, making millions unable to afford life-saving medicines,
3) endanger access to information, technology, and knowledge,
4) criminalize minor download infractions, such as single downloads between friends, and
turn internet service providers (ISPs) into cops acting without due process.

In the 1960s radio stations would play newly-released albums in total, which you could record on a 25 cent tape, if you didn’t have the $1.99 for the superior vinyl copy. But the new rich are like addicts who cannot control their cravings, will never get enough, and if we do not stand up to them, they will suck US dry.

The arts, like nutritious food, clean water, shelter and a safe, unpolluted environment, fair and equitable wages, health care, education and knowledge, justice and liberty are essential in building a strong, healthy, creative society. To have this society, we must replace or rehabilitate the sick part of our government and get back to representing all the people. If we don’t, they will turn US into zombie-drones who do as we’re told, or throw US in jail if we don’t. Our society, our experiment in democracy will fail. Eventually the plutocrats will defeat themselves, but not before crippling the citizens of a democracy too complacent to participate.

Fight the POWER!


Tweets with links to details of the TPP and other trade agreements can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Bugged By NSA

IMAG0038-1-1Edward Snowden’s NSA’s leaks have exposed a ubiquitous surveillance system, which, though billed to defeat terrorism, has contributed to its escalation, by making more enemies. Our leadership has put fear in the minds of its citizens in order to steal the power to push their authoritarian agenda, and in so doing, have put the rest of the world in fear of US, out-of-control, macho reactionism.

Money and minds that could have been used for urgently needed humane and earth-saving purposes, have been wasted storing haystacks of digital communications, then looking for the elusive needle, instead of targeting obvious threats in the first place. All the while they’re violating innocent people’s privacy and leaving sensitive information vulnerable to abuse. Abuse from within and without, From within, the civil rights of activists and free press have been violated. Politicians and governments have been eavesdropped on for unnecessary and unknown reasons, possibly blackmail. Business and technological secrets have been stolen.

And now this has been exposed do our leaders check themselves and correct their mistakes? No, they lie, and blame it on the messenger, as USual.

Tweets that link to articles about this (especially enjoyable is when they lie and are exposed by the next leak) at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Watched a broken, low-sound, can’t-read-subtitles, smartphone, way-out-in.the-hills versión of MEDIASTAN last night, so I won’t quote any details.

The documentary demonstrated how media worldwide, through intimidation, licit and illicit, has succumbed to the force of the powerful, and in varying degrees, failed to report the truth to the people. This, of course, is very worrisome, and should be a call to action for all sentient beings.

To me and at this time, open internet seems our last bastion of hope, and I plead with everyone to do what they can to keep it open, as it is constantly under attack by the plutocracy. Through this medium, no matter how totalitarian governments get, guerilla journalism can continue to report the truth.

En la espiritu de Che and with peace and compassion we must unveil the illusion these insane patriarchs perpetuate.

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By the US newly militarized government Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning has not been treated as a human being. And ironically, what lead Chelsea to become a whistleblower and her arrest was her humanitarianism. She is now serving a 35 year sentence in military prison for exposing war crimes and abuses of the powers that be.


When Bradley Manning’s persecution began, he thought (in a 8 x 8 foot cage) he might be killed, and eventually he was charged with “aiding the enemy” a capital offense. His message was humanitarian and exposed the most powerful government on earth, a superpower without rival, whose militarized authority was (is) out of control.


The Afghan and Iraq War Logs exposed war crimes that have never been prosecuted. Cablegate showed the prejudice and diplomatic spying within our embassies, who are supposed to be working for peace. (No wonder the United States is involved in 177 violent conflicts! The world is a battlefield. Diplomacy is dead.) The Guantanamo files released POW information that the US should have made available by international law.


Throughout this Kafkaesque trial, the prosecution has blamed the blowback from Manning’s leaks on him, not on the abuses and misconduct he exposed. Had these not occurred there would have been no harm to US reputation. Had the US not over classified, but had been open about their governance, the leaks would not have been (be) necessary, and informed people could have made better decisions and elected honest government, and national security would not be in the precarious, distrustful state it is in today.


Yet the US government’s reactionary response to Manning’s WikiLeaks, its War on Whistleblowers and activists, and its failure to answer to the people continues. It takes no action to correct the endemic corruption with disregard for civil and human rights or the superior attitude that caused the injustices. It only prosecutes the messengers.


MENU for previous Manning updates.

Links to details of Bradley Manning’s ordeal can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory
along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Salient Points in the Syria Debate

Instead of the USual reactionary violent, military missiles and war, US could wait for the UN findings and support prosecution by the International Criminal Court.

US could enforce existing sanctions and impose stricter ones like prosecuting banks that surreptitiously do business with the Assad regime.

US could explain their own indiscretions and war crimes and try diplomacy with rivals like Russia and China, and by ending our military aid to inhumane regimes much like Syria, US could then ask Russia to stop selling weapons to Assad without upsetting the balance of power any further in the US direction.

If US bombs Syria, it will destabilize the Middle East even further. If US misses its target innocent civilians will suffer and die, and even if US destroys some of Assad’s arsenals he can just buy more and take the money to buy them from the people, just like the US does. And Assad will probably retaliate, leading to the escalation of violence.


Links to details of the above can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

Also see “War is not a Panacea” page below for a ‘philosophical’ study of the militarization of the US.