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Deep Thoughts

Deep Thoughts

After binging on Bukowski

Standing in the snow at the edge of the vast Continental Divide, this wayward abyss covered with snow contrasting an eternal sky with stars that shown brighter if ever I have seen before or since. I would have stayed forever the sight was so compelling, so polysensory compelling, but my ears were so cold they felt like they were made of ice and we’re going to break off. But I’m better off now even though I’ve got ringing in my ears. Sometimes beauty can hold you obsessed.

Seeing Joe Johnson guitar pick just like Tom Thumb’s Blues and sing Bob Dylan’s visceral lyrics I thought I would never leave but he pushed me away and chose heroin before me. But I’m better off because I could have ended up his flat chested junkie whore. Love obsessed.

I lived in a cabin on the Russian River spending most of my time reclining in a psychedelic gaze with a view of towering marble cliffs and rushing waters blasting rhythms of Nirvana and I waited for giant elephants to walk out and take me to a perfect world. But now I know from Buddhism that liberation is the answer and besides my boyfriend kicked me out, my boyfriend (The Dictator who paid the rent) because I wouldn’t do as I was told. But I’m better off now cause he, my boyfriend, talk the talk but couldn’t walk the walk, and I am perfection obsessed.

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The Lovesong of Billy the Kid


Far Far Away on a distant planet of another galaxy and universe much like our own, with slightly less gravity and relatively the same physical laws that apply here on Earth and through out the Milky Way, there evolved a homo sap and other species with slightly less gravitas and relatively the same physiques, and with cultures and characters as individual and as alike as those of our world.

It was a time of exploration and cultural wars and slavery and genocide. Battles were fought for land and freedom, and ultimately wealth and power. It was
the beginning of the age of weapons of self destruction.

The predatory men behind this destruction were called zombies and were believed to be mind-controlled by an upper echelon of telepathic ancients or aliens of unknown origins. Zombies who were aware of being manipulated by telepathic voices and empathic emotions, thought these parasitic puppeteers gods or one almighty God with an enforcer army, and were fooled into believing them superior in intellect because of their dictatorial powers. These conniving zombies saw this as an asset if one could gain their favor. In truth the controllers were insane, out-of-control conquerors. Most zombies were controlled through their unconscious and were unaware of these dictators. The gods or puppeteer mesmerizers, punished these zombies by pushing negative thoughts and feelings into their brains often times to the point of torture, sometimes leading to permanent bodily harm, even death. They used this behaviorist style of coercion to keep the clueless zombies in line. Whereas positive reinforcement leading to addiction and sweet talk causing superiority complexes was used to manipulate the conniving zombies.

Terra’s saving force known as master wisecrackers, were homo saps with the learned ability to move their consciousness from one animal body to another. Some had lived many lives. A few were even believed to be more powerful than the telepathic puppeteers, though power was not crucial to their purpose. They were Master teachers having chosen to be reborn to work with their students to end the suffering of all sentient beings by sharing the wisdom of awakening and the path to liberation. Wisecrackers believed in a God force of compassion and their weapons were wit and wisedom, and acting through the positive understanding of cause and effect.

The success of the wisecrackers would shape Terra’s future:
At best, ending predatory man’s continued obsession with war and weapons, by awakening humanity to compassionate cosmic consciousness and leading in time to the birth of a utopia.
Failure would mean the ultimate annihilation of the planet, or el mismo, continuing the learning purgatory of pleasure and pain.


Homo Sap Characters

Pauli, Paulita, Queen- Young Wisecracker, Covert Medium, Soulmate of Billy the Kid

Will, William Bonney, Billy the Kid-Young Wisecracker Protection Division, Soulmate of Queen

Marx Marín-Philosopher, Senior Wisecracker Teacher

Dong Chong-Philosopher, Senior Wisecracker Teacher

Zombie Cowboy-Wannabe Bounty Hunter

Shane-Young Wisecracker, Rides with Kid

Josh-Young Wisecracker, Rides with Kid

Patriarch-Brother and Patriarch of Queen’s Family

Grandmother-Apache Ancient del Rancho de las Antepasados, Wisecracker

Venus-Owner of the Flytrap, Wisecracker

Cleavon-Owner of the Saloon, Wisecracker

Dollar Bill-Robber Baron

Aphrodesia-Owner of the Flytrap

Pat Garrett-Sheriff of Rainbow Town









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Tax Cuts of, for & by the Rich

Tax Cuts Social Engineering by the Rich for the Rich

Are GOP Trump tax cuts consciously or subconsciously engineered for the rich to increase their wealth and power?


Are GOP Trump tax cuts consciously or subconsciously engineered to keep the lower classes down?

Mortgage deduction cuts make home ownership (which since the last economy crash has left many unable to own their home) even harder.

Student loan interest deduction cuts make higher education more costly, when it is out of reach for many without these loans.

Medical deduction cuts when medical costs and copays are increasing and making health care unaffordable for the middle and lower classes, will lead to poor health and inferior proficiency and reduced potential for those affected.

Corporate tax rate cuts without closing loop holes will allow even more corporate giants to pay little or no taxes.

If you want a competitive environment for our corporations stop signing trade agreements with governments that violate the human rights of their people.

And cut government expenses by ending government corruption in your own camp as well as others.


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Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?

Climate Summit: Can Beauty Tame the Beast?.

November 23. 2013

At the climate summit in Warsaw, Poland this week the plutocracy showed its total loss of affect by anyone’s needs other than their own greedy, addictive-like cravings. Though the cost of reducing, repairing and preparing for climate change would be less than continuing to pollute, wealthy governments support the polluters.

Developing renewable energy, which is more labor intensive than fossil fuels, would benefit the economy as well as reduce pollution. It would not monetarily benefit those in power who have investment in the current system of energy production. The military industrial complex, too, would lose if instead of climate change disasters destabilizing governments, we improved conditions and brought peace and prosperity to developing countries, no longer needing the expensive technological war apparatus in which they have invested.

So when confronted by developing nations most threatened by climate change, the beast exposed itself when it coldly said no to reparations for damage it had caused and even backtracked on commitments it had made previously to reduce future environmental devastation.

This beast of power and money is frightening, but we are 7 billion strong. A grassroots movement of the people–humane people who respect everyone’s right to life and recognize the need to maintain the ecology of the planet, who know that world peace, even utopia can be achieved through understanding and sharing–a coming together of the people, like the beauty we saw in Warsaw this week (only much bigger) is needed to tame this beast.

Tweets with links to cop19 climate change summit and environmental reports can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory
along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Ideally free trade can lead to healthy competition, but all parties involved must respect human rights and the environment, in order for all to benefit. Previous US free trade agreements have not respected human rights or the environment, and many countries are dropping out of trade agreements with US because of this disrespect. So the US negotiates new trade agreements and attempts (probably with the help of NSA surveillance), an even slicker deal.

One of these, the Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is now being written behind closed doors. The US and 11 Asian and Latin American countries supervised by 600 campaign-contributing corporation representatives are hashing out the details. If quid pro quo, bribery, and blackmail are involved we won’t know, because the people and the press are not allowed even to observe, much less have input.

Some of the odious policies the US is pushing will:
1) give corporations the right to sue for compensation when they are required to respect human rights and the environment,
2) increase medical costs for everyone, making millions unable to afford life-saving medicines,
3) endanger access to information, technology, and knowledge,
4) criminalize minor download infractions, such as single downloads between friends, and
turn internet service providers (ISPs) into cops acting without due process.

In the 1960s radio stations would play newly-released albums in total, which you could record on a 25 cent tape, if you didn’t have the $1.99 for the superior vinyl copy. But the new rich are like addicts who cannot control their cravings, will never get enough, and if we do not stand up to them, they will suck US dry.

The arts, like nutritious food, clean water, shelter and a safe, unpolluted environment, fair and equitable wages, health care, education and knowledge, justice and liberty are essential in building a strong, healthy, creative society. To have this society, we must replace or rehabilitate the sick part of our government and get back to representing all the people. If we don’t, they will turn US into zombie-drones who do as we’re told, or throw US in jail if we don’t. Our society, our experiment in democracy will fail. Eventually the plutocrats will defeat themselves, but not before crippling the citizens of a democracy too complacent to participate.

Fight the POWER!


Tweets with links to details of the TPP and other trade agreements can be found at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Bugged By NSA

IMAG0038-1-1Edward Snowden’s NSA’s leaks have exposed a ubiquitous surveillance system, which, though billed to defeat terrorism, has contributed to its escalation, by making more enemies. Our leadership has put fear in the minds of its citizens in order to steal the power to push their authoritarian agenda, and in so doing, have put the rest of the world in fear of US, out-of-control, macho reactionism.

Money and minds that could have been used for urgently needed humane and earth-saving purposes, have been wasted storing haystacks of digital communications, then looking for the elusive needle, instead of targeting obvious threats in the first place. All the while they’re violating innocent people’s privacy and leaving sensitive information vulnerable to abuse. Abuse from within and without, From within, the civil rights of activists and free press have been violated. Politicians and governments have been eavesdropped on for unnecessary and unknown reasons, possibly blackmail. Business and technological secrets have been stolen.

And now this has been exposed do our leaders check themselves and correct their mistakes? No, they lie, and blame it on the messenger, as USual.

Tweets that link to articles about this (especially enjoyable is when they lie and are exposed by the next leak) at https://twitter.com/polysensory along with other news mainstream media fails to report.

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Watched a broken, low-sound, can’t-read-subtitles, smartphone, way-out-in.the-hills versión of MEDIASTAN last night, so I won’t quote any details.

The documentary demonstrated how media worldwide, through intimidation, licit and illicit, has succumbed to the force of the powerful, and in varying degrees, failed to report the truth to the people. This, of course, is very worrisome, and should be a call to action for all sentient beings.

To me and at this time, open internet seems our last bastion of hope, and I plead with everyone to do what they can to keep it open, as it is constantly under attack by the plutocracy. Through this medium, no matter how totalitarian governments get, guerilla journalism can continue to report the truth.

En la espiritu de Che and with peace and compassion we must unveil the illusion these insane patriarchs perpetuate.